Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heading Toward Summer!

Spring is moving on in to Summer here in West TN! We've had a very cool start to spring, but this week is all in the 90's- so summer is racing on in!

We've been busy doing many things here, which is why blogging hasn't had much time the past few weeks!

During April and May we delivered 6 steers to beef customers who placed their spring beef orders - The girls all help with the deliveries and earn allowance for doing so. In addition, they learn how our beef is marketed, what the cuts are and get to meet most of our customers. They really have fun on beef delivery days.

We've been busy planting our spring garden - some we need to re-plant due to the recent flooding, but so far we have planted:
~ Red Potatoes
~ White Potatoes
~ Sweet Potatoes
~ Heirloom Tomatoes
~ Roma Tomatoes
~ Bell Peppers
~ Jalapeno Peppers
~ Thai Peppers
~ Chile Peppers
~ Okra
~ Lima Beans
~ Pink-eye Lady Peas
~ Watermelon

Coming up to plant: more Okra, Cucumbers and Canteloupe

We are expanding our bee hives - we're up to 9 now as of last weekend! Managed to have time to paint one of the boxes and decorate it:

Hubby is still at Ft. Knox on Active Duty through at least October of this year - we've taken a few trips up to see him and he's had a couple of weekends to come home. The girls are looking forward to some trips up this summer - there is miniature golf and a water slide right on the base that they can't wait to visit!

About to order all of our new curriculum books for school this fall - my girls will be in the 6th grade, 3rd grade and my youngest starts K! Hard to believe!

Hope everyone is having a great spring!


Anonymous said...

Great to hear!! Love the bee box. Did you also build it! Brother, sent a pic of the painted box this week. Wow, the girls have really grown. O starts 2nd grade next year. Choose her teacher. She has 6 E's on her report card and is doing really well.
When is hubby coming home? let me know!!

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