Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Feelings

We're headed into fall after a very busy summer.  Hubby has been at Ft. Knox, KY since last September - we made several trips up over the summer to visit and see all the sights we could during our visits.  His orders were supposed to end at the end of this month, but it appears he is receiving one-year extension orders - but has to move to Ft. Jackson, SC!

So, looks like South Carolina is in the plans for him for the next year - which is quite a bit farther for us to travel, but will give us the opportunity to show the girls new and different parts of the country.  They are especially excited that he will be much closer to a beach, and my oldest has decided that lighthouses are on her agenda!

We're slowly getting our groove going with school - decided to start a bit later this year so we could make the most of our summer and times going to KY.  So we're just heading into our 3rd week.  I'll try to update my school curriculum in the heading sometime this week.

We ended up the spring with what appears to be 10 very viable beehives - we started the summer with 5 and increased to 12 via purchases and splits - 10 of the 10 ended up strong enough to make it through the winter and 2 were combined with other hives since their numbers were too low.

We harvested honey last weekend - we try to leave each hive with about 50 pounds of their own honey to get through the winter and we harvest any above that.  Since so many of our hives were new, we only had 2 that we could harvest - but that netted us about 4.5 gallons of honey!  The girls had a great time using the new extractor and bottling the honey - photos of that coming soon!

October of course means another beef processing month for our ranch - we have 7 steers ready for customers that have pre-ordered.

I'm ready for a touch of fall - it always gets me in the mood of thinking about the coming holidays that I love so much!

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Nancy M. said...

Wow, lots of honey! Delicious! I live in SC, so I think it's a great place! I hope y'all do too!